bluevista creative | video " A virtual world #1: motorcycles "

Bluevista creative presents its sixth creation
and we change reality!

“A Virtual World #1: Motorcycles” is our new original creation “made in” bluevista. A new creation, a new environment, this time in virtual reality to experience 360° video immersion. We find Jérôme lost in a 3D animated world. We worked in several stages, from live action to3D animation, and then added2D animation during compositing!

Fortunately, at bluevista, we bring our stories to life without hurting ourselves!

At bluevista, we use all technical means at the service of creation and message.
Our teams are specialists in3D animation, studio and location shooting, and motion design. They work together with the creative department to ensure a unique script for your corporate film.
Our work process is collaborative and fluid. A single point of contact will monitor your project and provide you with a listening ear and creative input.

Bluevista creative is a series of films made by the bluevista team to show you our creations.

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