MASE: Educational motion series

MASE: educational motion

Bluevista produced 4 motion design videos for MASE Rhône-Alpes. These videos help to explain and prevent the various risks/accidents associated with the metalworking and metal construction sector.

MASE Levage motion design 1
MASE MAD motion design 4

MASE Rhône-Alpes is an association representing metalworking and metal construction companies in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The association’s mission is to support companies in their approach to occupational risk prevention.

MASE MAD motion design 2
MASE Meuleuse motion design 2

The 4 films dealt with risk prevention: using a grinder, lifting equipment, fluid systems and high-pressure cleaning. For the various videos, we produced both 3D and 2D animations. Simple animations to highlight the prevention benefits of these tools.

We also recorded a voice-over with an actress, which was added as background music to the video.

The videos are available on their Youtube page afterwards.

Motion design is a particularly effective communication format for capturing attention and conveying complex messages. It lets you combine animated and non-animated graphics with text and sound. This creates dynamic, engaging videos that are more likely to hold viewers’ attention.

Motion design is also a communication format that can be used for different types of content. It can be used to present products or services, explain complex concepts, or simply tell a story.

For many years now, bluevista creates motion design. Sometimes
often with voice-overs, most of them are
. Explaining a complex concept requires a clear, concise approach. motion design.

Our creations are as varied as our customers’ graphic charters. Some animations benefit from original designs, others are derived from an existing charter.

At bluevista, we create motion design from A to Z. Concept creation and scripting are an integral part of our services.

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MASE MAD motion design 1
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