Showreel motion design

A complex idea? Motion design!

At bluevista, simplifying ideas is our daily business. Having arrived in force with video on the Internet, motion design has quickly made a name for itself.
This simple, effective communication solution makes it possible to explain a complex subject in record time.

This type of video can take many forms, such as metaphorical animation or storytelling.
But it can also be a story with animated characters or a tutorial animation. In short, creativity is the only limit.

Whatever your graphic identity and style, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our video demo below.

This one is loaded with excerpts from our latest motion design videos.

For more complete examples, take a look at our achievements page or our Youtube channel.

BARPI: Industrial accident prevention
MASE MAD motion design 1
MASE Rhône Alpes : Motions