Stann. business management application

Stann. the business management application

Bluevista produced a corporate film for STANN. This video introduces the STANN App software and its application in the field.

Stann is a French company offering business management software designed to simplify the day-to-day life of entrepreneurs. The software enables you to manage all aspects of your business, from customer management to invoicing, accounting and human resources.


We began by storyboarding the video. The film is divided into several parts: an introduction, a presentation of the application at a customer site, and a 2D animated conclusion to reiterate all the points made in the video.

Our film crew shot this video in just one day in Grenoble. Then the post-production teams edited the film and created the 2D animations for the motion design part.

The video was published on the customer’s social networks and website. It is also used at trade fairs.


Accompanying a film product launch is an area in which we are regularly involved.

The product film or promotional video, which lasts longer than an advertisement, allows you to highlight key arguments, demonstrate how to use the product, see it in real-life conditions… In short, promote your product in record time for distribution to as many people as possible.

In its 15 years of existence, bluevista has produced many films. Whether it’s a video about industrial machinery in Genevaof products on intelligent building in Paris or equipment in Lyon (and these are just a few examples). Our teams can adapt to any sector of activity to deliver an effective, impactful product film.

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