BARPI: Industrial accident prevention

BARPI and our agency:
five years of collaboration to prevent industrial accidents

For over 5 years, BARPI (Bureau d’Analyse des Risques et Pollutions Industriels) has relied on our expertise to produce films of a special kind. The objective? Deciphering industrial accidents to learn essential lessons for the future.


To date, several films have been produced in close collaboration with BARPI. Each episode plunges the viewer into the heart of real-life events, to understand and analyze the root causes of an accident and learn from them.

Far from simply recounting the facts, these reconstructions aim to understand the complex sequences and multiple causes of an industrial accident.

Ambition? Anticipate and prevent future accidents, thanks to a better understanding of past mistakes.

To make these films, we took a rigorous technical and creative approach. Firstly, to understand the subjects and present them in an educational way. To get as close to reality as possible, our team recreated factory settings in 3D (sometimes with a dose of fiction, so as not to stigmatize a real place).

Mixing live action and 2D and 3D animation

To make these scenes truly alive and human, actors were filmed against a green background, then inlaid into these digital sets, creating a fusion between reality and virtual reconstruction.

All of this was done in 2D animation / motion design to make the films educational and instructive, but above all easy to understand.

Our collaboration with BARPI went beyond the technical aspects. Right from the start of the project, we were involved in adapting the script. From the ideation phase to storyboarding, every step was meticulously crafted to ensure a fluid, powerful narrative. Once the films were finished, we ensured their distribution, both on the Internet and via the creation of a “barpi” mobile application, thus ensuring maximum visibility for these videos.

Over the years, our collaboration with BARPI has grown stronger, reflecting our shared commitment to raising awareness and educating people about industrial risks. Each film contributes in its own way to advancing safety in theindustry.

BARPI: Industrial accident prevention
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