3D animation to enhance your creativity

3D animation: Graphic design is the foundation of Bluevista.

From pencil to 3D, we’ve got the tools you need.
to bring our ideas to life.

We create new 3D films all year round. Sometimes those involving 3D at our animation studio in Lyon.

Now a major asset for communication, we can set up 3D models and creations of your ideas.

As a cross-disciplinary skill, 3D videos can be used for a multitude of subjects and applications!

3D animation at the heart of your communication

Give your communication a whole new dimension with our range of 3D films!


Story board

Thanks to our team’s pencil skills, we can quickly create the storyboard for your future film.

Our professional rendering will allow you to clearly understand the visual and narrative direction of your film.



From mascots to the design of 3D characters or objects, we create character designs for your 3D animations!

Real estate

Based on your plans, we create photo-realistic 3D models and renderings for construction professionals, highlighting your real estate projects.

Computer graphics and 2D/3D animation

Whether you’re looking for a complete CG movie or a simple 3D inlay, we’ll put our expertise and creativity to work for you.

Discover our 3D animation creations:

Our 3D studios in Lyon, Paris and Geneva offer a wide range of 3D creations – from technical animation to artistic films.

Visit our Youtube and Vimeo channels to see our latest creations. Feel free to follow our social networks to keep up with our latest productions and take a look at our latest creations:

GF Machining Solutions : not just a 3D film

We produced a product range film for the company GF Machining solutions, combining a wide range of skills: captation, 2D and 3D animation.

Following the shooting of various shots, we rigged screens and tracked information in motion design on the original shots.

All this construction is then perfectly combined with fully 3D transitions.

This makes it possible to create complete environments that were previously impossible to capture on film.

bluevista creative: the credo of creation

Wanting to create something different, our teams turned their attention to original video vignettes. We wanted to reflect the different skills of the bluevista team.

Here we find Jérome in an entirely 3D universe, echoing our Metaverse performances!

For this 3D video, the emphasis is on humor. Above all, it’s about demonstrating all the possibilities of a film made almost entirely in 3D animation.

Laser, motorcycle and robot: imagination takes flight here! And with a bit of storytelling, it goes much further than conventional communication!

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