Chroma key: A cinema studio at home

A non movable and mobile chroma key studio

Thanks to our mobile green screen studio, we can set up a green screen on your premises.

We travel with all the necessary equipment, such as :

  • Green backdrop
  • Lighting
  • 4K camera
  • HF tie microphone
  • Prompter

The advantage of the green background is above all that it makes it easier to create and reduces the impossibilities.

This method of capture allows you to do two essential things: cheat reality and embellish your videos.

Discover the multitude of possibilities offered by green backgrounds.
Original projects that let you turn your ideas into reality!

You can also find our green screen and compositing projects on our social networks and video sites.

Discover our creations on Studio Fond Vert!

Here are some of our achievements in Fond Vert for our customer GF Machining Solutions:

A green background? Which use?

Thanks to the magic of compositing, you can recreate any situation for your films.

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