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At Bluevista, we help a multitude of companies with their video communications. Thanks to our expertise in filming and editing, we can deliver films quickly. These films are emotionally powerful and capture the atmosphere of the event.

We master the entire production chain and can efficiently organize the filming of any event in France or anywhere in the world!

Take a look at a short example of our previous recordings with Printemps:

Unlimited possibilities!

Because every event is totally different, we adapt to every project! Whether in small teams or on conventions involving several thousand people.

Words have their limits, so here are a few examples of customers and events we’ve covered recently!

Company convention, store opening, rebranding, ... Keep a record of this landmark event!

Koesio Cannes

In September 2021, Koesio is staging an unusual event to mark its name change.
We supported them by producing a multitude of content for broadcast on this occasion, as well as multiple aftermovies / reports of this weekend rich in emotion!

As is often the case, editing was carried out live and in parallel with the filming. Although this is a perilous exercise, it’s still a good way to deliver a sense of immediacy and create a surprise that will leave a lasting impression on participants.

CWT | Valrhona 100ans

In 2022, theCWT agency entrusted us with the filming and editing of the Valrhona 100th anniversary event.

We accompanied them by producing an aftermovie / report edited live!

LUDICO | Crouzet 100 ans

For another anniversary, we worked with the Ludico agency to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Crouzet company.

Live editing, capturing the evening’s action, and a vibrant production!

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