Immerse yourself in your creations

Immersive creations: a multitude of possibilities

360° video

Film and broadcast your content in 360° to present your company, showcase unique locations or raise awareness among your audience! The subjects and applications are endless.

Made-to-measure creations

Unique, tailor-made solutions are among our finest creations. Find out more below about all these possibilities, combining 3D, photos and/or technical installations.

Virtual showrooms

Film and broadcast your content in 360° to present your company, showcase unique locations or raise awareness among your audience! The subjects and applications are endless.

Newtech, Metaverse, etc...

Bluevista cherche has always pushed the limits of its expertise, and our virtual showrooms are a prime example of this!
Our idea is to offer modern, immersive solutions in tune with the times. The Metaverse is the most obvious example!

What applications for 360° video?

360° video enables complete immersion in an environment, offering viewers a unique, interactive experience.
Bluevista combines 360° video with 3D and the development of intuitive applications, blurring the boundary between the virtual world and reality.

To better project yourself into this world that is increasingly present in our daily lives, we suggest you take a look at our immersive video for Cémoi:

Discover also the "Vision Tour" event in Virtual Reality

For Nikon’s Vision Tour, we recreated the process of creating an eyeglass lens using real-life shots and 3D modeling, all in Virtual Reality.


Our 360° video productions are compatible for broadcast on all PC / Mac / Tablet / Smartphone media,
but also on virtual reality headsets such as the Meta Quest 2 for even greater immersion.

Tourist discovery / Company visit / Concerts / Sports / Events / Video game / Serious game

Alongside these projects, bluevista is developing its 360° video skills on projects that are sometimes more technical, such as our project for the Prats company, where we followed the entire creation of an eyewear lens.

Discover this creation right here :

Discover the VR experience!

Today, 360° video lets you get up close and personal with images and sound.
a real physical experience.

Add an immersive dimension to your films.

What applications for virtual showrooms?

Today, virtual showrooms are one of the closest experiences to what we might call the Metaverse.

They’re the best way to get closer to people and reach customers and prospects instantly.

See our demo of Virtual Korner, our customizable virtual exhibition tool.

What is a virtual tour?

The aim of a virtual tour is to reproduce a remote-access visit to a site, exhibition or space with a 360-degree view. It can take the form of both real shots and 3D images.
Viewing it on the web or in a virtual reality headset offers total immersion for your visitors. Dynamic, interactive rendering offers a wide range of possibilities for conveying information to your viewers, from a general overview to the most specific information or a video conference with one of your collaborators. All remotely accessible 24 hours a day.

What is a virtual showroom?

Avoid travel while allowing your visitors to be “virtually” present. Develop your image through innovative communication. Take visitors to inaccessible places. Immerse the viewer in your world. Let anyone, anywhere, anytime discover your projects. In 2D and 3D, live action, 360° video, on your website or in virtual reality, let your prospects and customers discover your company as if they were there.

Here is a virtual tour created for our customer GF Machining Solutions. Discover it here:

Discover the Virtual Korner experience!

Today’s virtual tours enable visitors to find themselves in personalized, photorealistic environments.

Add an immersive dimension to your communications.

What are custom creations?

It’s all in the title! Bluevista is always ready to innovate to meet every communication need. The easiest way is to show you by example how we can adapt our skills to your projects.

Take a look at My Ginger, an immersive yoga room in Paris, for which we created several photorealistic 3D environments:


What next?

After all these applications, what new ones should we explore? The metaverse has become the new opportunity to communicate and bring people together.

Bluevista will always be on the lookout for the latest developments and ways of communicating.