Corporate film - video 15 years of experience

corporate videos with over 15 years' experience

Our company has been making corporate films for over 15 years. 15 years of experience, during which we’ve had the chance to discover many different fields, companies and processes.

We’ve lived and breathed the technological evolution of corporate film.
From a Beta SP camera, to digital, internet and mobile broadcasting. Despite all these evolutions, one thing has never changed: the way stories are told.
At bluevista, we do it with images, always looking for the best way to tell YOUR story.

At bluevista, we use the full range of technical resources to serve the creative message.
Our teams are made up of specialists in3D animation,studio and locationshooting, and motion design. They work hand in hand with the creative department to ensure that your corporate film is uniquely scripted.
Our work process is collaborative and fluid. A single point of contact will monitor your project and provide you with a listening ear and creative input.

But who are we? Bluevista is a video communications agency combining know-how to enhance your communication. Our video agency has offices in Lyon, Paris and Geneva, and we produce films for customers in all sectors. Need someexamples? Discover 3 videos for different customers, each presenting their company in a unique way.

BARPI: Industrial accident prevention
MASE MAD motion design 1
MASE Rhône Alpes : Motions