Virtual showroom: GF Machining Solutions

The GF Machining Solutions virtual showroom :
immersion in the world of cutting-edge machine tools

GF Machining Solutions, a leading manufacturer of machine tools for industry, entrusted us with the creation of a unique virtual showroom. Available on the web and compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices, this virtual showroom lets you discover their products and services in an immediate, comprehensive and entertaining way.


Our agency, expert in video production, 3D and interactive development, put its know-how to work to bring this virtual space to life. We worked with the customer to adapt all his machines in 3D. The aim was to stage them in a “virtual living room”. From 3D modeling to the user interface, from defining interactions to managing compatibility across all media, every step was meticulously carried out.


The world of the showroom plunges visitors into the heart of GF Machining Solutions’ expertise. In this way, each machine, integrated into specific environments, is presented in minute detail. All this reflects the degree of innovation and precision the company brings to the manufacturing industry.


The site’s interactivity, with its 360-degree view and fluid visit path, allows users to navigate freely. In close collaboration with the Gardeners agency, we have drawn up detailed information sheets for each machine. Clickable data sheets provide technical overviews and specifications to enhance understanding of GFMS flagship products.

With this virtual showroom, GF Machining Solutions enables its customers and partners to discover and interact with its products in an unprecedented way.

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