Blueverse, the Bluevista metaverse

Blueverse, the Bluevista metaverse

The rise of Internet 3.0, the popularization of metaverses and the steady improvement in the performance of digital tools, both hardware and software, means that 3D content is increasingly available directly on the web. Whether in terms of rendering light, textures or models, the overall quantity and quality of 3D scenes displayed on web browsers has improved, all without the need for software downloads or powerful hardware.


So at Bluevista, we’ve been looking into the possible applications of this new technology. A number of platforms have emerged to add an interface to the creation of 3D scenes on the web, enabling visitors to be in the same virtual “room” and to interact with each other.

This system enables a wide range of social applications and the creation of a playful space. It can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere on the planet. The ability to create your own 3D universe expands the possibilities tenfold, allowing you to express your creativity without any limits compared to the physical world.

avatar and immersion

The ability to have an avatar (a virtual character you control) allows you to interact with other people. This creates a sense of proximity. This lowers the barriers that can be felt behind the screen.

Interactions include classic videoconferencing tools such as chat, microphone, webcam and screen sharing. They are also created by the ability to move around in a shared 3D space, integrate 3D objects or notes into that space, gesture with your avatar or interact with the environment.

In this way, we’ve been able to imagine a wide range of applications, such as showrooms, museums, living rooms, classrooms, games rooms, concert halls, village halls, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

So we decided to create our own virtual showroom, presenting our various skills and services: the Blueverse!

After a technology watch, we chose the platform to integrate our space. It enables the use of Unity (a real-time graphics engine), with which we are already familiar. In this way, we can optimize our scene and add interactions.

For the creation of the scene, we followed an iterative process, first global, then increasingly precise on the details. The idea is to create an airplane, representing our desire to go ever further, while making people dream.

ALL the bluevista universe in one

The reproduced model is 4 times larger and lets in more sunlight. Each Bluevista skill is represented by a stand made up of different elements, including a poster, a 3D model and a video to discover!

You can already explore our
from your browser (Chrome or Firefox) or from your phone or VR headset!

BARPI: Industrial accident prevention
MASE MAD motion design 1
MASE Rhône Alpes : Motions