Studio shooting - Santos film


Santos entrusted us with the production of the film produced by his centrifuge #65. What could be better than fruit or vegetable juices when you’re confined to the house? But you still need to choose the right product! With this video clip showing how easy it is to use and the quality of its materials, Santos is sure to convince you.

For this video production, we built a set in our film studio in Lyon and worked in collaboration with the customer. The script was therefore created jointly to achieve marketing and communication objectives with this advertising film.

A graphic charter with designer titles has been drawn up to make the whole dynamic and up to date.

The video was then translated into English, and another version was produced for cleaning operations, covering assembly and disassembly. A beautiful studio film produced for our catalog.

Discover the marketing film for this exceptional product below:

Shot in 1 day after the set was built, this advertising video was quickly edited.
From script development to delivery, our teams worked for 4 weeks.
We strive to maintain a working rhythm with our customers so that the objectives defined at the outset are aligned with the realization at the time. It also engages our teams and the customer’s teams in a positive dynamic that keeps the energy going right up to the broadcast!

Has this video given you any ideas? Would you also like to make a studio video? We’d love to hear from you!

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