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As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to reconnect with your customers with a video greetings card.
At bluevista, we’ve been imagining video and interactive products for original communication since 2004.

Would you like an offbeat film featuring your employees? Dynamic motion design to tell your story? Or how about an augmented reality application to help you stand out from the crowd?
Whatever your choice, our teams can help you develop your idea, write the script, produce the film, and even determine the means of distribution and their financial returns.

Usually produced at the end of the year, video greeting cards can be produced quickly and distributed to all your partners via a newsletter.

From our offices in Lyon, Paris and Geneva, we support numerous customers throughout France and Switzerland. Each year, their video greetings card is an opportunity for a different and original communication.

Take a look at our previous video greeting card designs.

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