Streaming Live and WebTV demo 2018

Bluevista is, of course, a content agency. But we also offer live streaming and webTV services in Lyon, Paris and Geneva. Our philosophy has always been to position ourselves in new technologies. The aim is to master the entire audiovisual chain.

So we can broadcast an event live over the Internet. This is done via private servers or on Youtube, Facebook live or Periscope. We can also program a complete webTV site with Live or VOD video. We’ve also developed a download platform where you can buy videos and pay online.

Our references are numerous. We’re involved in everything from the creation of a secure live streaming platform (for private surgical broadcasts) to a consumer webTV for international cooking competitions.

Our technicians come to your site and adapt to your existing platforms for HD live broadcasts and audience tracking.

To discover some of our 2018 references, a short video just below :

BARPI: Industrial accident prevention
MASE MAD motion design 1
MASE Rhône Alpes : Motions