Sport Boules: 16th Émile Terrier Trophy

Sport Boules: 16th Émile Terrier Trophy

Bluevista has been a partner of the Trophée Émile Terrier since its inception. Every year in June, we film and rebroadcast live the semi-final and final matches on the final day.

The 16th Trophée Émile Terrier, an international boule lyonnaise tournament, took place on June 24 and 25, 2023 in Satolas-et-Bonce, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

The 16 best French and international teams battled it out at the Satolas-et-Bonce boulodrome. The men’s and women’s finals were won by France, beating Switzerland and Italy respectively this year.


TheBluevista team set up several cameras around the site, as well as a camera on a crane.

A crane is a mechanical device used in audiovisual production to move a camera in a fluid, controlled manner. It features a telescopic boom and can be raised, lowered and rotated in all directions. The audiovisual crane is used to create complex, spectacular camera movements such as panning, travelling and zooming.

All the cameras are connected to the director’s control room. On the other hand, two commentators are also on hand to decipher live matches.

Finally, the final production is broadcast live on various platforms: facebook and website.


Live broadcasts allow a wide audience to follow the exploits of the world’s best boules players.

Live streaming is your gateway to more effective communication! We offer live streaming and webTV services in Lyon, Paris and Geneva. Our philosophy has always been to position ourselves in new technologies. The aim is to master the entire audiovisual chain.

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