Club Lyon La Duchère

Sponsorship with the Club de Lyon la Duchère :

At Bluevista, we’re proud of our sponsorship of the Lyon la Duchère club. Over and above the sporting aspect, what particularly touched us was the club’s deep commitment to an ambitious socio-educational project.


The Lyon la Duchère club doesn’t just train athletes; it also shapes responsible, committed citizens. The club’s socio-educational project addresses crucial issues for our society:

Integration into the world of work: The club is actively committed to facilitating the integration of young people into the world of work, offering them opportunities and training to prepare them for their future careers.

Anti-discrimination: By promoting values of equality and respect, the club actively combats all forms of discrimination. It creates an environment where everyone can flourish freely.

Sport and health: Health is at the heart of the club’s concerns. Through a variety of programs, it raises members’ awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, combining sport and well-being.


Academics: Academic success is just as important as success in the field. The club supports its young members in their school careers. It ensures that they benefit from a balance between studies and sport.

Employment and citizenship: In partnership with local companies, the club offers workshops and training courses to prepare young people to enter the job market, while making them aware of their rights and duties as citizens.

By supporting Lyon la Duchère, Bluevista is not just supporting a soccer club, but a real agent of change in the community. We’re honored to be part of this adventure and look forward to seeing the fruits of these initiatives.

Join us in our mission to celebrate the positive impact of sport
on our company!

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