SANTOS I-GRIND : The Coffee Mill

SANTOS I-GRIND : The Coffee Mill

Bluevista has produced 2 new product videos for Santos Addict to coincide with the presentation of the new product in their range: the coffee grinder. These 2 videos are entirely in 3D, produced on Blender with titles added in 2D animation on After Effects.

Santos Addict is a French manufacturer of professional electrical equipment for food preparation, coffee and cold drinks. They recently launched a new product: a coffee grinder.


Both videos were produced in 3D to showcase the new coffee grinder’s design and technical features. They were posted on social networks and on the Santos Addict website.

Communication: two videos

The first video, “Teaser”, aims to arouse consumer interest in the new coffee grinder. It presents the product from a mysterious angle and leaves us in suspense as to its features. The video is shot with a black background and lighting effects, revealing only a few graphic elements of the product.

The second video, “Reveal”, reveals the new product and its features. It presents the device from every angle, highlighting its strong points. The video is produced in a more dynamic style, with close-ups of different parts of the product.


3D animation is an ideal format for presenting products in an immersive, interactive way. It allows consumers to discover the product in detail and to imagine how it will be used.

In the case of the new Santos Addict coffee grinder, the3D animation highlighted the product’s technical features, such as grinding precision, ease of use and robustness. It also showed the device in action, helping consumers to get a better idea of how it works.

You can find these videos on their youtube page:
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3D video production is an effective way of presenting new products. This format makes it possible to create high-quality visual content that arouses the interest and commitment of consumers.

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