Pink October during an evening at the Peninsula

Since its opening in 2014, The Peninsula Paris has supported the fight against breast cancer. For the Pink October 2022 edition, the hotel is collaborating with the Europa Donna France association. We were entrusted with the lighting, sound and video design. This enabled us to put together an audiovisual show to make the evening memorable.


A curtain of holographic wires set the scene as soon as you entered. The hotel’s façade, adorned in brilliant pink, welcomed guests in an exceptional setting. This luminous metamorphosis was complemented by video mapping of the logo, specially designed for the event, across the conopia, reinforcing the visual impact and essence of the

The evening, hosted by the charming Faustine Bollaert, was enhanced by a meticulous sound and visual ambience. Every note, every light, every projection has been thought out and orchestrated to guarantee an immersive and memorable experience for all guests.

Beyond the technical aspects, Dr. Marc Espié’s poignant speech served as a reminder of the importance of the cause, while the auction led by Camille De Foresta added a participatory touch to the evening.

By combining the technical expertise of Bluevista with the elegance and generosity of the Peninsula Paris, this Pink October evening became a real success, combining art, technology and solidarity.

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