Koesio - Greeting card 2023

Koesio - Greeting card 2023

For its 2023 greetings, KOESIO called on Bluevista to produce a video greetings card.

This year, KOESIO wanted to give its young associates carte blanche, well… “blank canvas”… for several episodes of the Koesio Saga: the purple KIDS, 25 children of their employees!


Koesio is France’s leading provider of local digital services. The company offers a wide range of solutions, from unified communications and document management to IT and security. Koesio is present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco, and employs over 3,200 people.

We shot in a Paris studio with a large white cyclo. The children created a live painting on a whiteboard. We filmed them all day to get a “making-of” rendering of the work.

To conclude the video, Louis Bertignac came to play live his music, composed for the occasion.


Koesio ‘s video greeting card was broadcast on social networks and on the company’s website. It was very well received by customers and partners, who appreciated its creativity and positive message.

This greetings card was a show of solidarity: one view of the video corresponded to €1 donated to the Arc En Ciel association, which makes dreams and wishes come true for sick children.

Would you also like a video greetings card this year? An offbeat film featuring your employees? A dynamic motion design telling your story? Or how about an augmented reality application to help you stand out from the crowd?

Whatever your choice, our teams can help you develop an idea, write a script and bring it to life.

Usually produced at the end of the year, video greeting cards can be produced quickly. And they can be distributed to all your partners via a newsletter.

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