Inauguration InterContinental Lyon - Grand Hôtel-Dieu

One of the largest buildings on Lyon’s peninsula is the Hôtel-Dieu.
Originally a Lyonnais hospital from 1184 to 2010, it has since been converted into a luxury hotel managed by the InterContinental Lyon, as well as shops and the Cité de la Gastronomie… The architecture has been listed as a historic monument since 2011.

For this project, we created 2 2D and 3D animated video mappings on the Intercontinental’s façade and large central dome.
With production managed by the TETRO agency, we worked in synergy to create mappings that highlighted the building’s unique architecture.


In addition to producing content for the event, we filmed the inauguration evening. We put our filming and editing skills to good use to record this unforgettable evening.

Check out our clip from the inauguration of the InterContinental Lyon hotel below:

BARPI: Industrial accident prevention
MASE MAD motion design 1
MASE Rhône Alpes : Motions