Immersive semi-transparent projection for building inauguration

We’ve all heard of video mapping, video walls and LED banners… This time, for the inauguration of the Quechua / Simond / Wed’ze mountain store, Bluevista created a semi-transparent projection on the façade of the building for the Ores agency.

The animated facade effect attracted visitors as soon as they entered the parking lot, with brand logos “floating” in front of the building with a welcome message.

During the cocktail party, an immersive clip produced by the Ores agency created a surprise on the patio, immersing visitors in the ambiance of the Quechua / Simond / Wed’ze brands with intense music punctuated by HD and 4K images of the world’s most beautiful mountains.

Finally, a departure message visible from the parking lot was broadcast on these “floating” screens to keep the magic going until the visitor left in his vehicle.

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