Guitare en Scène : 2022 Edition

Guitare en Scène 2022

Bluevista has been following the Guitare En Scène festival for several years now. For this new edition, the first real post-covid edition, we followed the concerts and activities of the festival for 5 days.


Guitare en Scène is a festival revolving around all musical styles and highlighting the practice of the guitar. Bluevista has been following the GES festival for several years now!

This service is part of our events expertise. In fact, we regularly work with companies on seminars and conventions, for example. We are then able to shoot a film on the spot and live to create an instant effect!


Each day, we produced 5 live recaps of the day’s events, capturing the festival atmosphere! You can discover them all on the Guitare en Scène Facebook page.

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MASE Rhône Alpes : Motions