Equita Lyon 2019 - daily news


Since 2015, we’ve been working with GL Events audiovisual to produce daily reports at the Equita Lyon trade show.

We’re also supporting the event by setting up a tweetwall to enable the public to take an active part.

Transmitting the emotion that reigns over this grandiose event is our daily challenge.
So this year, we’ve organized the films by theme. A theme each day for a distinctive ambience.

So our teams scoured the aisles of Eurexpo in search of the men and women who make this event so valuable.
Each film is shot and edited during the day, and posted on the event’s Facebook page.

Discover below the film of the 5th and last day of Equita Lyon Daily news :

BARPI: Industrial accident prevention
MASE MAD motion design 1
MASE Rhône Alpes : Motions