Aravi Racing - Season 2022/2023

ARAVI - Season 2022/2023

For 2 years now, the Bluevista team has been following Team ARAVI Racing around the year’s Truck Grand Prix circuits: from Le Castellet to Albi, via Charade, Nogaro, Nürburgring (Germany) and Le Mans!

Aravi Racing is a truck racing team based in France. They’ve been taking part in the French Championships for 36 years now, and have already won 6 French Championship titles.


Bluevista ‘s aim is to follow the ARAVI Racing Team during the 6 Grand Prix of the season to produce video reports summarizing the race weekends.

A team of 2 to 3 technicians travels to the site every weekend: a cameraman, who films the races and the team’s highlights over the 2 days, and an editor, who makes one film per day in real time, lasting 2 to 3 minutes.

At the start of each race, the cameraman installs GoPros in the trucks to capture never-before-seen footage of the driver. And on some circuits, we also shoot drone footage to give a different perspective on the race.

The first film is released on Saturday evening on social networks, and the second film is broadcast on Sunday evening. These aftermovies/race summaries enable ARAVI Racing to develop their communication on social networks and with their sponsors.


This service is part of our event competence. In fact, we regularly work with companies on seminars and conventions, for example. We’re able to shoot a film on the spot, live, to create an instantaneous effect!

You can find these videos on their youtube page:

Click here

If you too are interested in this type of content, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

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