Cémoi video 3D 360 VR

VR 360 film in 3D animation for events. Film shown in Oculus headsets presenting the creation of Cémoi chocolate.

Customer: https: //www.cemoi.fr

For this range, CÉMOI selects the best cocoa origins to create 4 chocolate bars: Essential Orange Oil, Crispy Quinoa, Ecuador and Sao Tomé.

The tablets won the Marketing Innovation 2017 award. This award recognizes the exceptional taste characteristics of the best tablets. The tablets resulting from the program developed by CÉMOI: Transparence Cacao.

This project was produced in 3D 360 VR animation for event broadcast via Oculus headsets.
Our teams worked with an events agency to produce this event film.

MASE MAD motion design 2
MASE Rhône-Alpes - Motion Design
HDI - Moving to the New Tower