40 years Siparex - videomapping

Video mapping on the façade of the Rodin Museum. It was produced in co-production with Thera Conseil, the agency in charge of organizing SIPAREX’s 40th anniversary.

Customer: https: //www.siparex.com

Our business for 40 years: Siparex is one of France’s leading independent private equity groups. It is the partner of choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Its business is to make equity investments in companies, helping them to grow.

From start-ups to ETIs, Siparex provides companies and their managers with tailor-made solutions:

This production is in motion design and 3D animation. It is in video mapping format on a building facade.
Our teams worked on the script in collaboration with Thera Conseil. Particular attention has been paid to aesthetics. And this is done while ensuring the delivery of key customer messages.

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