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What is video mapping?

Projected on a building, a video mapping consists in broadcasting video and
2D animation
animation, taking into account the existing architecture. Whether deforming the building or creating a world of its own, the aim is to create a truly visual and immersive spectacle.

Designing an original project is the leitmotiv of our teams. We support you from storyboard creation through to test screenings and final broadcast.

The bluevista experience!

Bluevista creates video mapping for major events. From the 50th anniversary of the Kuwait Investment Fund to the
Bocuse d’Or
Bluevista can handle any project. From the simplest to the most ambitious, in Paris, Lyon or anywhere in France, entrust us with your architecture, and discover it as you’ve never seen it before!

Mappings and more!

We have all the know-how needed to produce mappings in Paris, Lyon or anywhere in the world. From conception to distribution, we follow each project from start to finish.

Our work is not limited to this, however, and we are regularly called upon to manage several aspects of an event, as was the case with the Printemps de Lyon :

Capturing the Printemps mapping in its entirety :

Mapping as part of the "Printemps" project:

Our expertise in creating mappings is therefore not limited to designing and distributing them.

As with
we don’t downgrade our services, dividing our forces between capturing an event, creating a mapping and capturing it.

Every task and every stage of the project is meticulously handled to deliver a high quality mapping, and then to capture the unique moment of broadcasting the mapping to the public.

GL events
our video mapping provider, supported us throughout the technical installation (projectors, associated technicians, upstream tests, etc.).

Breathe new life into architecture

Thanks to the lighting effects and
2D and
and 3D animations , transform all your buildings into works of art.
Video mapping is the best way to enhance an event and make any venue unforgettable.
Whether your video mapping is in Paris, Lyon or Geneva, we’ll give your event all the dimension it deserves.

Discover our mapping
from the dome of Lyon's Intercontinental!

Each mapping in Paris, Lyon, Geneva or elsewhere is always a project in all its complexity.

Here, it wasn’t just one challenge we had to meet.
also created a second mapping for the interior façade of the

And what would a mapping be without an audience to discover it? We had the pleasure of covering the inauguration of theIntercontinental Lyon.

Our two mappings were broadcast throughout the evening, allowing visitors to explore the site between sound and light.

Discover our Video Mapping creations!

Click on the images below to discover our creations. Whether it’s architectural mapping, object mapping or event mapping, we create customized video mappings in Paris and all over France.

Our mapping projects in Paris and Lyon have enabled us to tackle a variety of subjects for our customers.

For example, we carried out a betting mapping on behalf of Siparex to mark the company’s 40th anniversary.

With this audiovisual production, we sublimate the creations of the artist Rodin in this mapping on the magnificent magnificent museum in Paris.

video agency
emphasized the museum’s architecture and included Rodin within the building itself.

Discover our Mapping for the 40 years of

Bluevista Production
mapping agency
with offices in Paris, Lyon and Geneva, has all the skills needed to create,
produce and realize your video mapping. Our achievements illustrate the diversity of our customers and the video mappings we produce.