50 years LPA video

Production of a film retracing the history and future of LPA (Lyon Parc Auto) for its 50 years.

We started by retracing the history of LPA, the construction of the various car parks and the services put in place for customers, then wrote a plot with a choice of visuals and the implementation of the various interviews. Once the script and visual ideas were validated, the film was launched.

The production of this 50 years LPA video went as follows:
By first capturing the interviews, we created a coherent discourse to which were added images of the car parks, archives and animations giving a face to the history of the Lyon company.

Combining 2D and 3D animation with animated photos and real shots, this complete and living film will have taken 3 weeks to complete after validation of the original script for a total production period of 4 weeks.


LPA : 50 years