VEAMA - Greeting card 2019


Motion design for a VEAMA video greeting card.

Customer : We’re with you every step of the way

Starting a business
Choose the best status Business Plan Aides et Subventions Zones Franches Urbaines

Business transfer
Valuing your business Management leases Transfer by gift Preparing your transfer

Tax optimization
Paying less tax Investing in real estate Exempting capital gains Stripping property wealth tax (ISF)

We designed and produced a motion design for an accounting firm’s end-of-year greetings. We began by analyzing the customer’s history and services, then wrote a framework with graphic ideas. Once we had validated the red thread, we proposed a storyboard, music and voice-over.

At this stage of the production process, the customer can see the film in its entirety before it is made. After a few final adjustments, we moved on to the animation phase.
Mixing 2D and 3D animation (for a more dynamic motion design ), we made this film in 2 weeks after validation of the storyboard, for a total production time of 4 weeks.

MASE MAD motion design 2
MASE Rhône-Alpes - Motion Design
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