Hitachi - CS Net - 3D video

3D animated promotional film for CSNet manager HITACHI Air Conditioning.

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Hitachi enhances its CSNET Manager control and supervision tool with CSNET Manager 2. It’s a tool redesigned to offer a better user experience, thanks to a new, more ergonomic interface.

This centralized control system can control from 1 to 1,024 indoor units. It is suitable for projects of all sizes, from small to large commercial buildings. It is available in two versions: a WEB version, providing flexibility. And there’s also a version with a touch-sensitive tablet, for even greater user-friendliness. The stand-alone Web version CSNET Lite, designed for small installations, can control up to 64 indoor units.

This 3D design animation was created by our teams.
We wrote the script, created the graphic concept, and produced all the images and animations for this 3D film. A multilingual version was then produced.

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