EIFFAGE Energie - 3D timelapse video experience

Film presenting Eiffage Energie’s Expercité urban management tool.

Customer: https: //www.expercite.com

Our solutions to enhance your territory

Expercité is the Eiffage Energie Systèmes brand dedicated to cities and local authorities.

Expercité is committed to cities and communities. In this way, whatever their size, we meet their day-to-day needs as closely as possible, while also guiding them towards the city of tomorrow. Thanks to our nationwide presence, our employees are at your side, working every day under the Expercité brand. They combine proximity and responsiveness, expertise and a global approach to needs.

This timelapse filming, 3D animation and motion design project was conceived by our teams based on the characteristics of the customer’s offer.
What’s more, our teams wrote the script and came up with the visual and graphic concept. Finally, they produced all the images and animations for this timelapse, 3D animation and motion design presentation film.

MASE MAD motion design 2
MASE Rhône-Alpes - Motion Design
HDI - Moving to the New Tower