CPRO 1 Minute Video Presentation

Teaser video presenting C’PRO.
Customer :

1 single contact for your digital transformation!
Printing & Dematerialization, IT Security & Maintenance, Operator & Telephony

We had 1 minute for a video presentation of the C’PRO company, with filming, 3D animation and motion design.

This was both a constraint and a challenge for our teams to helpC’PRO‘s sales prospecting. We not only shot the film ourselves, but also used footage from previous collaborations with C’PRO to create this film. Our post-production teams created motion design transitions and 3D animations to give the whole a common thread.

This video is now used internally and externally by all C’PRO Group agencies.

MASE MAD motion design 2
MASE Rhône-Alpes - Motion Design
HDI - Moving to the New Tower