360 ° immersive video

360 video – technology of the future.

At bluevista, we are constantly looking for new ways to make the spectator experience ever more interactive and engaging. For this purpose, we have equipped ourselves with a 360 ° video shooting system from 2013!

This first module integrates 6 GoPro3 + Black Edition capable of filming at 25 frames per second in 2.7K each.
It thus offers a reconstituted 360 ° image with 4K definition. A new way to watch a movie while being truly in the middle of the action is now possible. It is now the spectator who chooses where he looks via his PC mouse, his finger on a smartphone or tablet or even with a virtual reality mask.

The uses are limitless: discovery of a tourist area from the sky, virtual visit of places, filming of scenarios specially designed for a 360 ° vision in order to interfere, for example, in the heart of an orchestra or a crazy crowd!

Discover here extracts of our 360 realizations!