We made a clip from the opening night “MASSY PLACE DU GRAND OUEST”. An event imagined and produced by TETRO for Altarea Cogedim. Place du Grand Ouest opens to the public under the watchful eye of our cameras.

Client : https://www.tetro.fr

For this project, we made a video retracing the highlights of this inaugural event produced by the TETRO agency.
Many artistic events took place as well as an inaugural gesture that we followed and set up with music.
We captured the entire event with our cameras and drone and produced dynamic editing to highlight this event, which is rich in entertainment and surprises.

bluevista Paris made this shoot in 2 evenings in the Paris region. We mobilized a team of 3 cameramen with 4K cameras to cover the entire event. We also provided a drone operator and managed flight authorizations with the DGAC.

Clip report Massy Grand Ouest