360 video production project

We had in a previous post tested the aerial video with an Octocopter equipped with a 3-axis cinestar nacelle. Nevertheless, we had been confronted with the problem of the feet present in the field of the 360 camera. This time, last April 2 and 3, we filmed for EDF a 360 video with a DJI S1000 equipped with retractable feet (thanks to Fabien Deregel E-copter for his lighting approval of the S1000 and to Benoit d’Air Libre). The module was once again placed on a Cinestar 3-axis nacelle but this time only the propellers still remain in the field of the camera if you look up! This day was also the opportunity to test the new octo from DJI, the S1000. Here are some photos and an extract of the final rendering of the interactive 360 ° video!