Waygoo - motion design


Creation of a motion design explaining the WAYGOO concept.

Customer : https://www.waygoo.com

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Register on Waygoo, and enter your transportation needs in 15 minutes to receive offers from carriers who can provide the service directly. All you have to do is select and ship your goods with ease.

Find freight with peace of mind!

Open your secure area dedicated to carriers, and enter your technical profile, routes and know-how. You’ll regularly receive exclusive transport requests: set your rate, and in just a few minutes you’ll know if you’ve been selected by the customer. You can then perform the service and give your opinion on the charger.

We produced an explanatory motion design, with full control over the entire production chain. Our teams first worked on the editorial concept (understanding the customer’s product – concept proposal). At the same time, we drew up the graphic concept and produced a storyboard.

The storyboard phase gives the customer a detailed account of every moment in the film. Below each image, we explain the animation and detail the voice-over narrative.
Once the storyboard had been validated, the2D animation/motion design phase could begin, including the recording of a control voice.

Finally, after a few wording corrections, the film was mastered and the final voice recorded.

MASE MAD motion design 2
MASE Rhône-Alpes - Motion Design
HDI - Moving to the New Tower