THX Médical - Dosamat digital 2.0 - motion design


éation d

a motion design video to demonstrate Dosamat digital 2.0

Customer: TXH



animation film in 2D/3D motion design is designed to promote the Dosamat medical dosing unit.
Dosamat digital 2.0.

The Dosamat digital 2.0 helps medical staff to

to disinfect care areas faster, more accurately and
and reduce risks

In addition, we have
a motion design to explain the product, showcasing the


advantages and strengths of Dosamat digital 2.0

Finally, the graphics have beenté adapts graphic charter, and particular care was taken to ensure that the design was in line with the customerté brought to l’animation to maintain fluidity and ease to understands understanding of the product throughout the viewing process.

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