TETRO - DeepWeb - Event video clip

Video clip of the Deep Web work at the 2016 Fête des Lumières in Lyon

Customer: https: //www.tetro.fr


After GRID, the revelation of the Fête des Lumières 2013, TETRO+A presented DEEP WEB for the 2016 edition. DEEP WEB is a monumental, immersive installation imagined by Berlin-based Christopher Bauder of WhiteVoid. He is accompanied by composer and musician Robert Henke.
Initially scheduled for the 2015 Fête des Lumières, it was postponed due to the tragic events in Paris. The work premiered at the CTM Festival from February 2 to 7, 2016 at Kraftwerk Berlin.


DEEP WEB is a monumental installation combining lasers and kinetic art. It consists of a 25m-long interactive, architectural light structure. And it contains 175 liquid-filled motorized spheres that absorb the light generated by twelve high-power lasers. Each sphere creates infinite light beams, giving rise to vector planes that can be modified in three-dimensional space. The ensemble plunges the viewer into a futuristic kinetic ballet of light through a play of reflections. Colored geometric figures are created that react to Robert Henke’s electronic compositions.

Partners: GL audiovisual – Kinetic Lights – Laser Animation Sollinger

We produced this video report of the installation using several cameras and a louma crane. We wanted to reflect the fluid, organic nature of the work.

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