NightSwapping - promotional video

Advertising video presenting the Nightswapping mobile application and online service.

Customer: https: //

NightSwapping has joined the HomeExchange group, the leading home exchange community. HomeExchange is managed by Charles-Edouard Girard and Emmanuel Arnaud. With over 400,000 homes available in 187 countries, it has become the leading home exchange platform.

What is HomeExchange?
Like the NightSwapping community, HomeExchangers share a passion for home exchange. They also have a broader passion for travel and authenticity. Exchanges on HomeExchange can be reciprocal or not, thanks to the GuestPoints system. When you visit Anne’s home in Marseille, you have the choice of giving her your GuestPoints or welcoming her into your home in exchange. In both cases, the exchange is non-commercial: at HomeExchange, you exchange your home, recommendations for sightseeing and GuestPoints, but no money.

This production was made using filming and special effects. The aim was to present the Nightswapping mobile application in an original way.
Our teams worked on the script in collaboration with the marketing teams. The graphics were adapted to the customer’s charter. Particular care was taken to ensure that the filming was dynamic, giving the video a friendly, upbeat tone.

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