Immerse yourself in virtual reality

What applications for 360 ° video?

The 360 ° video allows a complete immersion in an environment, offering the viewer a new and interactive experience.
Bluevista combines 360 ° video with3Dand the development of intuitive applications, to erase the line between virtual world and reality.

To better project yourself in this universe which is increasingly present in our daily lives, we suggest you take a look at our immersive video for Cémoi:

Also discover the “Vision Tour” event

For the Nikon Vision Tour, we recreated the journey of creating a spectacle lens through real-life shots and 3D modeling, all in VR.


Our 360 ° video productions are compatible for broadcasting on all PC / Mac / Tablet / Smartphone media,

Tourist discovery
Company visit
Video game / Serious game

Beside these projects, bluevista is developing its skills in 360 video on projects that are sometimes more technical, such as our realization within the company Prats where we have followed all the creation of a spectacle lens.

Discover this creation right here:

Discover the VR experience!

Nowadays, 360 video allows you to get as close as possible to the images and sound
of a real physical experience.

Add an immersive dimension to your films.