When architecture comes to life!

What is video mapping?

Projected on a building, a video mapping consists of broadcasting video and animation 2D or 3D, taking into account the existing architecture. Deformations of the building, creation of a universe, unfolding of a story, it is about creating a real visual and immersive spectacle.
Designing an original project is the leitmotif of our teams, from the creation of the storyboard to the mock-up projection tests and the final broadcast.

The bluevista experience!

With the creation of video mapping on major events such as the 50 years of the Kuwait investment fund or the Bocuse d’Or, Bluevista is able to handle any type of project, from the simplest to the most ambitious, whether in Paris, Lyon or anywhere in France. Entrust us with your architecture, and discover it as you have never seen it!

Our mapping projects in Paris and mapping in Lyon have enabled us to address various subjects for our clients.
For example, we carried out a paris mapping on behalf of Siparex on the occasion of the 40 years of the company.

This audiovisual production allowed us to sublimate the creations of the artist Rodin within this mapping on the magnificent museum of Paris.
Our video agency sought to emphasize the architecture of the museum and to include Rodin within the building itself.

Discover our Mapping for the 40 years of SIPAREX:

Breathe new life into architecture

Thanks to the play of light and 2D and 3D animations, transform all your buildings into a work of art. Video mapping is the best way to highlight an event and make every place unforgettable.
Whether your video mapping is in Paris, Lyon or Geneva, we will give your event the full measure it deserves.