Take the height on your projects

Aerial video is revolutionizing audiovisual production.
BLUEVISTA takes aerial video shots by drone indoors and outdoors, and everywhere in France whether in urban areas (Paris, Lyon, Geneva, etc.) or in rural areas.

To highlight your subjects whether it is your company, an inauguration or a convention, drone shooting will give to your films a new dimension.

Give height to your films

Thanks to our various drone service offers, no one will take you down!
Take advantage of your meetings in our agencies in Lyon, Paris and Geneva to discover the possibilities of our drones.

15 years of experience

Making a film cannot be improvised, that is why Bluevista has the dual skills of directing and piloting.

SOUTH-EAST prefectural authorization

Annual prefectural authorization S3 in the Rhône-Alpes region and in many departments of the SOUTH-EAST of France and DOM-TOM.

360 ° aerial video

Thanks to 6 or 12 Gopro 5, we produce interactive 360 ° videos and photos!

Professional pilots

2 drone pilots with an ULM certificate ( S1 / S2 / S3 scenarios)

From HD to 4K

BLUEVISTA has Gopro 5, Canon 5D, A7SII, GH5 cameras which offer perfect image quality thanks to perfectly adjusted 3-axis gimbals.

3 Types of approved drones

We have a fleet of 3 types of drones, assembled and optimized by BLUEVISTA teams.
In case of failure,, we always have a drone in reserve!