3D animation at the service of your creativity

Graphic design is the basis of Bluevista.

From pencil to 3D, we master the tools allowing you to bring out the result of our ideas to life.

Every year, we create new 3D films or films containing 3D. Having become a major asset for communication, we will be able to set up 3D models and animation of your ideas.

3D at the core of your communication

Thanks to our various offers of 3D films, give another dimension to your communication!

Story board

Thanks to the pencil stroke of our team, we quickly realize the storyboard of your future film.
Our professional rendering will allow you to clearly understand the visual and narrative direction of your film.


From mascots to the design of 3D characters or objects, we create character designs for you for your 3D animations!

Real Estate

On the basis of your plans, we carry out the construction professionals, modeling and rendering in photo realistic 3D highlighting your real estate projects

2D / 3D computer graphics and animation

Complete film in synthetic image or simple 3D overlay, we put our expertise and creativity at the service of your project.

Our 3D studios in Lyon, Paris and Geneva offer you a various panel of 3D creation – from technical animation to artistic film.

Visit our Youtube and Vimeo channels to view our latest creations and feel free to like our social networks to stay informed about our latest productions: