3D motion design and mapping in Paris at the Rodin Museum

A 3D motion design mapping at Paris at Rodin Museum, what a great project!

We have been selected to produce this animation by the Thera Conseil agency for Siparex’s 40th anniversary.

For 3 months we worked on this 3D motion design for projection mapping in Paris. We did it in collaboration with the Thera Conseil agency. This in order to stage an artistic show while passing on the company’s messages. We have responded to the wishes of the client but have also preserved the history of the place. The result: a spectacular motion design to amaze the guests.

The video mapping projection covered the entire facade of the Rodin Museum, around thirty meters wide. We mixed the production of 3D animations, filming on a green screen as well as motion design to give life to this rhythmic 3-part film.

Do you want to discover more? The video is right below: